At Berkich Baking our passion is food – great tasting, good looking food. We are a new company that is nearly a decade old. When Rob was a junior in high school, his football team needed money for new jerseys and other football equipment. We volunteered to bake cookies for fundraisers. The cookies were a hit. We baked over 5,000 cookies the first year. When Rob graduated he continued the tradition and ever since has baked cookies for his high school. Our dream was to, one day, start a baking company. That dream became a reality in the last year. Our customers think we bake the best cookies ever. We think you will agree.

In addition to our regular cookies we now bake Gluten Free and Dairy Free cookies. We started baking Gluten Free and Dairy free treats because our friends and family who eat Gluten Free and Dairy Free constantly complained that so much of the GF/DF offerings were bland, tasteless and not worth the money. We set about to make eating Gluten Free and Dairy Free fun and flavorful. Our motto – Shhhh…it tastes so good your kids won’t know and neither will you.

We strive for perfection every day. Take the challenge. Taste our food. See why our cookies are simply the best cookies ever.

Meet Phil

Over 45 years ago Phil fell in love with baking – taking just a few ingredients and making a wonderfully diverse array of food. Phil loved cookies and spent many months developing a few, delicious cookies. Phil then started designing Gluten Free and Dairy free treats in response to a simple request – please make a Gluten Free/Dairy Free sugar cookie that tastes good. Gluten Free/Dairy Free baking is enormously challenging. Making it taste good is even more difficult. Phil designs every recipe from the ground up. Phil’s goal is simple – to make every cookie the best cookie you ever tasted.

Meet Rob

Rob has one mission in life – making food look sexy. Rob trained at the Le Cordon Bleu Academy in San Franciso and has mastered the art of baking over the last ten years. Now he brings his skills and passion for making food look and taste good to Berkich Baking. Rob knows that people eat with their eyes. He puts love, emotion and life into everything he makes. Everywhere you look at Berkich Baking you can see Rob’s artistic touch. Rob makes everything we make taste better and look good. Rob wants your mouth to water every time you see one of our treats.